Saturday, June 09, 2012

One Fourth

I don't think I've ever stated it, but when I was at my heaviest I was 285 pounds.  Shoes off.  Just before 2011 I decided to lose weight.  A lot of weight.  I blogged before that I plateaued for a while, and just before the accident I was refocused on starting the downward trend again.  The afternoon before my accident I'd been out geocaching in the heat near work.  I bumped into two local cachers, ASL Girl and Found Unicorn.  They were on their way out of the loop.  I was on my way in.  But we intersected on a difficult cache that wasn't at ground zero and required several sets of eyes.  I was a sweaty mess by the time I got done looking for the caches around the small pond/lake, particularly after I'd crawled under the local bridge for an hour with no luck (I think I walked for closer to 2.5 hours).

While the accident interrupted my ability to exercise, being in a coma for a while achieved pretty much the same thing.  So I'm at my lowest weight since my freshman year of college.  Between 208 and 210 depending on the clinic scale.  75 pounds.  I officially lost one fourth of me, despite having a new chunk of metal in my hip.  That has to weigh more than bone, right?  And the bone is growing back, so that just makes it extra.

I'm supposed to be back on my feet around the 25th of June at which point, if I can't ride an upright bike, I suspect I'll find a recumbent to buy or rent just so I have some way to exercise.  My original goal for this year was to get past the plateau at 220-225 and get down to 200.  So despite people telling me I look thin after the accident, it's still 8-10 pounds heavier than my goal.  200 is a nice weight.  Round number.  15 pounds heavier than high school.  But I don't spend 4 hours a day playing tennis and basketball and running for an hour now, so I have no delusions about going that low.  Not to mention, I don't want to chance it that I'd be the right size to fit into my old gray jeans jacket with matching gray jeans should they still be stored away somewhere.  That would be a serious fashion faux pas.

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