Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

I had a great Father's Day.  Most of it was spent reading.  But the family got me out to dinner with my sister's family (she's freshly back from Grandma's Marathon in Duluth) and my folks at Christo's in Minneapolis.  I was hoping to see the revamped St. Paul Christo's at the depot, but that will just have to wait for next time, as long as next time isn't on a Sunday.

My wife and daughter gave me two gifts for Father's Day.  I had a hand in giving them a rather detailed list of things I wanted, most of them related to bicycling and science fiction, but they did pick their preferred items.

My new coffee cup!  Keep Calm and Ride On!

My new iPhone case.  Not as bullet proof as that monstrous thing I had before, but I like the smaller case, and the fact that it looks like the Tardis is definitely a benefit.  I can store more inside the phone than on the outside.

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