Friday, March 09, 2012

Strange Horizons and What Not to Write About

I love the Strange Horizons list of sci fi topics you probably shouldn't write about.  The list reads like a breakdown of the DSM-IV, full of addictions, parental issues, and opposite sex issues.  One of my first stories appears on the horror story list of things not to write about.  Very disappointing.  But understandable.  I also like the advice not to consider the list a challenge.

I notice Strange Horizons isn't telling me I can’t write a story where someone calls technical support and is never allowed off the call.  So hijinx, no.  Stultifyingly boring…maybe.  I’ll call it 1-651-FOREVER or 1-612-SUPPORT.  That's so clever it'll override their rules.  Right?  Right?!

1.   Someone calls technical support; wacky hijinx ensue.
a.    Someone calls technical support for a magical item.
b.    Someone calls technical support for a piece of advanced technology.
c.    The title of the story is 1-800-SOMETHING-CUTE.

And this one is for Ming.  Proof that you can break the rules, create Avatar, and make tons of money, despite the disapproval of Strange Horizons and Ming.

1.   White protagonist is given wise and mystical advice by Holy Simple Native Folk.

While you're out there, you should check out their backlog of stories.  Much of what they've published is available online.  A nice way to get in a lot of reading for free.

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