Friday, March 09, 2012

One Down, Ninety-Nine to Go?

My scifi story was turned down.  On a positive note, that means I can (slightly) rename it, which I'd been meaning to do.  I have magazine number two picked out and now I have my first electronic rejection letter.  Probably my own fault for going high end, but I thought it was worthwhile to try a few professional publications before I settle back into something else.  I'm not particularly concerned about getting paid.  After all, I have a day job.  But I wanted to see if I was even a candidate.  Fortunately I have a big list.  Unfortunately it's one at a time (e.g. no simultaneous submissions for most magazines) with up to a three month wait, so I'd better pull together a few other stories so I can rotate as necessary. That's much harder to do with a day job.

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