Sunday, March 25, 2012


I read this post about Altsie on the MHTA newsletter today...a very cool idea:

In a nut, Altsie allows bars, restaurants and other local venues to become one-night-only independent movie theaters. 
On the programming side, that involves working with independent film distributors to select one great new release each month, and to secure the public performance rights. On the venue side, the company provides marketing and ticketing support (via and also manages the shipping of each month’s Blu-Ray disc to each venue. Venues have to provide their own player, projector and screen — and Altsie requires that they also provide a dedicated space for the screening to avoid non-paying customers from simply wandering in.
However, Apocalypse, CA, seems like bot-faire...really like bot faire.  I expected Joel and the bots (or Mike, but I'm a Joel guy) to show up in the trailer...

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Lucas Rayala said...

Hi Scooter, thanks for the post... Mike and Joel would have a blast with "Apocalypse, CA" but the film itself is pretty self-aware b-licious. Chad (director, writer) did an awesome job for his freshman effort. Come on down for a showing! (get in touch and I'll shoot you some tickets for you and your friends)