Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quiet Day

I had breakfast with Ming this morning.  We appreciated our waitress, not so much for her serving skills as for her youth and good breeding.  Ming wasted $2 on parking that could have been donated to Cats 'R in Need of Homes, LOL, despite my coaching him on where to park.

Eryn and I went to the Journey to the Center of the Earth 2: Mysterious Island today, which was the first movie in about....ever...that put me to sleep.  NOTHING HAPPENED!  They went to the island, Vanessa Hudgens looked hot (I'm not even sure I'm allowed to think that - wasn't she born in '98 or something?), they found Nemo's submarines, The Rock flexed his pecks and played the ukulele.  I read the original Mysterious Island by Verne...this wasn't it.  There wasn't even really a protagonist, unless you count nature in terms of the volcano and liquefaction.

Wrote, wrote, wrote.  I went back to reediting the book I'm writing.  I'm at about page 42.  That's about 1/6 the way done.  Honestly, given the sheer volume of action I put into the first 42 pages, I'm not quite sure how I'll pad out another 180+ pages.  It's going to be a challenge, despite knowing my ending.  Ugh.  And I still have to publish the story I want to get out there as a prelude to a book.

Everything is loaded for doing the job fair on Monday.  I'm not thrilled about working on Monday, particularly as I was supposed to have Friday off until the reorg, a prod issue, and two hot fixes ate the whole day.  And I think the reorg wants to eat my jQuery training on Thursday and Friday. I might tell the reorg to bite me.

But a good day, nonetheless.  I always get more done than I suspect.

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