Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I'm making up for missing 9 days of blogging. I'm going to use being ill as an excuse. And the holidays. And all sorts of other things. I have much to talk about. My friend Chris was in town on Thursday. He's the new VP of what amounts to R&D for Telerik (if I was hearing everything correctly). They do .NET controls (from my perspective - they may do other things as well) and are based in Eastern Europe. Very cool job. He, Cookie Queen, Kyle and I went to Brasa for dinner (delicious - glad the waiter talked us into smaller portions) and to the Nutcracker Burlesque show afterwards. The show was peculiar. The first half was fairly boring. It wasn't until the second half that we were treated to the dreidel burlesque dance, the native american skinning a bunny and dancing in his skin burlesque dance, etc. I had warned Chris before hand I hadn't been to this event, and my experience with Nutcracker derivatives was sketchy (search my blog for Nutbuster). But I had a good time once they started embracing burlesque. And the woman who played Clara did a great job. Sort of fetishy on my part I suspect, but I liked that when she was watching the dancers, she was always on her toes, even when sitting behind a table. Sexy. Weirder was that the band seemed to include someone I knew. But I wrote it off because his hair looked longer than I expected. Until I ran into him in the entryway. He's a manager at work. His wife worked for me until recently. Damn strange. In the end, everyone seemed to have fun.

If you don't believe me, here he is, enjoying himself.  Although two people, including my daughter, asked me if the person sitting on his lap was a woman or a man.

And Cookie Queen with one of the male dancers.  I wish he had worn his Superman pouch (I'm not sure if that's exactly the right word...very small underpants, however you paint it), because that was damn hilarious. I did not get my picture taken with Clara.  I just told her I appreciated her performance. She was either surprised (she'd been standing around for 15 minutes) or creeped out by the skeevy old guy who was the only person to tell her "good job".  In the end, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would given the first act.

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