Sunday, November 06, 2011

Two Signs and a Lizard

This sign was at Kennedy Space Center as you drove in.  Or out.  All I could think was, "Maybe I won't cache too much while I'm in Florida."  I don't have to worry too much about spiders and snakes here in central Minnesota.  I always have to remind myself the rest of the world isn't so benign.

I thought this sign combo near our hotel was funny.  Either you're too stupid to drive and plowing into the trees rather than the show entrance, or the show entrance is a do-not-enter zone, in which case you're just stuck at the signs, pondering how you're ever going to get into the building to take part in what looked to be an incredibly cheesy Pirate show, along the lines of Medieval Times.  See the trees decorated with lights for Christmas in the background?  Here's a closeup...

...infested with lizards!  You'll have to trust me that there were many more lizards than just this one.  One more geocaching hazard.  Reach for a cache, potentially squish a lizard.  Ick.

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