Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Florida, Poolside

We had a pool side room on the top floor at our hotel in Florida.  The first few moments in the room, looking out the window, this is what I saw.  He would slowly lift up one arm, then the other, then the first one, over and over....very, very slowly.

After a while it quit.  Why it was necessary to smell the hands after they'd exercised.  I'm not sure.  Perhaps he had been catching sunshine and was now enjoying it after it had accumulated in his hands.

And this is Ken.  He's from Wales.  His daughter and Eryn became very good friends and swam together almost every night at the swimming pool.  The first few times I saw him at the pool, this was what he was doing.  Nap time.  Can't say I blame him.  If I worked on the ocean for oil around Britain, presumably in the cold North Sea, I'd consider Florida a chance for a bit of power napping as well.

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