Saturday, November 05, 2011

Roller Coaster Vacation

Our second day at Universal Studios, Eryn decided she wanted to try a big roller coaster. She was eyeing the RockIt at Universal, which has a huge drop and two loops. I said I'd go, but Pooteewheet wanted to see the Terminator T2 "ride" first, so we went to that. It was lame. Absolutely the one thing I didn't think was very interesting at Universal/Islands of Adventure. After we got out of the rather melodramatic "play" that was T2, we headed over to RockIt. Eryn tried a seat to make sure she fit, and then they closed down the ride. We may have been the very first people turned away. Apparently a company was renting the park for an hour between the normal operation hours and when the Universal Haunted Evenings began. Eryn was mad. I promised her we'd try to find an equivalent ride the next day. Perhaps the Dragon Challenge Ride at Harry Potter World.

The next day she held me to my word, and we stood in a very short Monday line to ride the Dragon Challenge. It's a roller coaster where you hang down in an individual seat and it flips you upside down and in twirls, like you're riding a dragon. There are two separate roller coasters that take different paths, to give you the illusion that you're in a dragon race between a blue and a gold dragon. We rode the coaster. And Eryn wanted to do it again. So we did it again (no waiting). And again. And again. Then we stood in the slightly longer line for the front of the coasters and did each one from the front row. If you don't think that would be different, you haven't experienced being hurtled at a stone wall and then shooting upward in front of it. After six rides, I was all done. But Eryn went back two more times by herself to ride them again.

Here's one coaster.

Here's the other. We're on these somewhere. Pooteewheet was trying to capture the ones we were one.

Later, in the Marvel area, we went on the Hulk coaster twice. It accelerates you from a crawl to 40 mph in 2 seconds as you exit the tube at the beginning. Lots of loops and it even goes sort of underground. It roars most of the time, like The Hulk.  I'm obviously full of radiation after riding it.

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