Friday, November 04, 2011

Caffeine in the Hat

I haven't posted for a week because I've been on family vacation. We took Eryn down to Orlando, Florida, as she's been asking to go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios for a year now and Halloween seemed like the perfect time. We had a great trip. I didn't bring back much in the way of touristy swag. Only one item if you don't include the autographed picture of an astronaut I had signed for a coworker who used to work for NASA. Here is my Cat in the Hat (tm) coffee cup for work so that I can switch between it and my Dr. Who Tardis mug. I'm dangerously close to being "the manager with all the stupid coffee cups."


Larry Rubinow said...

"Dangerously close?" Seriously?

Kyle said...

This and the TARDIS mug should make it pretty much a lock for you.

Kyle said...

In the spirit of full disclosure, I've got a TARDIS mug, but I keep it at home.