Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Camera!

It's been over four months since I last posted a picture I took with my camera (at least according to Flicker). This is because I loaned my camera to a gaggle of 8 year olds to make movies about the pros and cons of Jello (seriously), and they did something that knocked out my colors, forcing me into a world of greens reminiscent of the shallow waters of Lake Nokomis. I know this from experience, having swam there in the algae despite the very real threat of brain-eating amoebas. I biked over to Target to take advantage of a good deal on an Elph 100, only to find it was the only camera that was out of stock. The clerk graciously offered to find me an alternative store. I asked him if it was within bicycling distance. So I went home and upgraded to an Elph 300 (Cannon) on Amazon. Nice camera. Beautiful shots. And the movies are so much better than the last camera that it's a bit surreal. More storage space, but it was about time I had an excuse to go find a 1TB drive and a new desktop machine (the wireless card on the old one has died, and I figure it's easier to just buy a new machine and move over the content via the portable hard drive). BUT I DIGRESS! Yes, yes I do. I have a new Cannon Powershot Elph 300 HS. It will serve me well on vacation. To test it out, I took random photos for you to enjoy. First, Mean Mr. Mustard mimicking his boss by downing 12 Super Hot Buffalo Wild Wings in 6 minutes! That's right - it's a magical camera, you can see pictures of vegetarians eating meat. Or not. But it does take pictures of leaves. GLORIOUS LEAVES! Truth be told, they're kind of pretty with an HD point and click. And...wait for it...my front yard! That won't be the view for too long. That river birch is a thorn in my...eye. One third of it is dead. One third is over my house, though recently whittled way back. And one third threatens my neighbor's house and his innocent tree. I have worries that if I remove the 1/3 that's dead, the other two thirds will take out my garage, his tree, and perhaps his living room, depending on how far it manages to lean during hari kari. Two guys from work came by to take a look. Unbonded. They're pretty sure it's not an option given their limited insurance. I uploaded a video as well, but HD video is 129 Megs for 30 seconds of video! I wrote this whole post, and there are still 12 minutes of upload time remaining. I'm going to go do some shit on Facebook. Maybe make fun of Kevin. Then I'll be back so you don't miss this enormous video that shows you nothing but leaves rustling while I read Lev Grossman's "The Magician King".

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