Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Leaf Raking!

Don't let her fool you. She didn't fully rake the yard. There's just a small pile of wet leaves sitting in the middle of a big yard full of wet leaves. But she did rake them very stylishly in her hat and skirt. Not that I couldn't have pulled off the look.

That's some of the grass Pooteewheet is allergic to that she planted.  You can't see our new rocks from the cabin on the corner, just out of sight.  They're not huge, but to get them into my Dad's trailer, I had to roll them onto an old sled just so I could eliminate enough friction for them to slide.  Pooteewheet planted tulips next to them.  She's not allergic to tulips.

And that's the tree I pruned during my 12 hours of branch pruning and chopping up into little pieces that fit in leaf bags effort over the last three weekends.  I still have a few hours left to go to eliminate the dregs at the rental property.  I forgot my clippers last time I was there, and the chainsaw is a bit too brute forest for your fingerling branch.  Not to mention, using it to hack up bundles of thin twigs has dulled the chain to the point where it's just sort of chewing through the wood instead of cutting it.  Notice there aren't many branches hanging down where you have to look at them.  I'm going to assume no low hanging branches drives away the squirrels because they won't be able to get into the trees, eliminating my worries that they're trying to infiltrate my attic.


Robert said...

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Larry Rubinow said...

Among those essential skills: bad spelling and punctuation! And abuse of exclamation points!

Unknown said...

I'm from New Zealand so I write using UK English rather than US English. It still doesn't affect the content I post.

Scooter said...

NZ English is more exciting because of all of the hobbits and Nazgul and giant eyes on tall towers. I suspect managers from there are very good at their jobs, trying to get all those elves, humans, dwarfs, and orcs to agree on project deliverables and who pair programs with whom.

Larry Rubinow said...

Hey, Robert! Your from New Zealand!

I have a friend from New Zealand! Her name's Angela! Maybe you know her! Oh, of coarse you do!

(Am I doing this right!)

Scooter said...

Larry, I'm worried Robert will no longer be willing to share his managerial expertise with me, such as, "Good communication skills are of the utmost importance." Thanks for ruining it.

Larry Rubinow said...

Actually, I think you lost him at "Nazgul".