Sunday, May 08, 2011


Unlike last week's Ironman, which was the first one I'd missed since 1998 because this year I was a single dad and I didn't want to make Eryn wear snow pants to bike, I made it to the MS60 yesterday and it was beautiful.  I told Ming I'm pretty sure I could have done two 60s.

I don't think Ming was quite as up to the distance.  But the general rule is, this year I'm on, this year you're off.  And then next year, you just reverse it.  He asked if losing 40# was having any sort of affect on me.  I'm pretty sure by the end of the ride he noticed it was.  But it was a huge difference this year not having a 4 mph rider with us, and that it wasn't 33 degrees and exceptionally windy.

Ming pumps.

Ming tires to get Logan to take a pre-ride picture.

Logan! What the heck is going on here?!!!  Someone left a message for you on the rider board.  3rd place!?  Ouch...I hope you take your dad back there and erase it.  It's probably still out there at the 3rd rest stop.  How embarrassing!

(While we were there, the guy on the bus said, "Hey, hey...what are you writing sir?"  To which I had to reply, "I'm writing a message to a kid who's not on the ride.  It's funny, not profane.  And I'm going to erase it as soon as I take a picture."  He warned me to be careful of standing where the SAG wagon would drive, just so he could chastise me for something.)

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Anonymous said...

scott:2nd place
us:1st place(not including scott)
NO EXUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!