Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Like Poetry

I think there's something vaguely poetic about using the Google translate button on a foreign language blog. I quote from Zeta Blas's Blog, The Abstruse Gusarapa below.   I can't decide if my favorite line is "But back to the breast" or "But lately, I started to creak more than the bed of my neighbors nymphomaniac."

"A sweet mustard txunami fell from the breast, frozen in the air, and exploded at the plate creating a striking pictorial effect, and even art ... if it were not for the couch, table and pitcher also received his own. Copilot says my couch that this mustard has the texture of vomit around Madrid tripe and a flavor that does not lag behind its appearance. But back to the breast. Why fork froze in mid-bite? It will not be for lack of appetite for a server, which has never suffered from such terrible evils. The cause is Telecinco and in particular its nightly newscast. Always had this information as a news esputadero drinking moderately distantly impartial and serious. But lately I started to creak more than the bed of my neighbors nymphomaniac. What puzzled me yesterday, stunned ojiplático. The theme was the Sheikha. We fucked up, now it seems that there are Sheikha, what was once a discreet package stuffed into a black scarf that barely peeked eyes on official travel, now emerges as if from a cocoon and plant their ovaries compared to actual respectable : Sheikha, with capital letters. Beside it a shapeless, predictable and expendable: The check, say the sheik, with tiny, but with candied fingers to sign contracts and promissory notes."


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