Monday, April 25, 2011

Denver - Oskar Blues II

The women's bathroom had Flash Dance on the door.  The men's bathroom was a plethora of old album covers.  I listened to the soundtrack from 2001 repeatedly as a kid.

And the soundtrack from Close Encounters!  Someone at Oskar Blue's is a serious nerd.

Quite the collection to look at while you're taking a whiz.

But there's more.  Art...beautiful, wonderful art.  This is fuzzy, so I suspect you can't tell it's Sheryl Crow.

Alison Kraus is a bit closer to real life.

And the point here isn't Amanda Bynes half dressed, although she was very good in Easy A with Emma Stone as the Bible banger.  The point is the Ten Fidy, which was delicious, though very thick, and that Fat Squirrel, from just over the border in Wisconsin, was another placer in the top 25 new beers.

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