Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Operating Instructions

The full instructions from my digital kitchen timer (sans pictographic language) - spelling is not accidental (on my part):

Sound it makes: PiPiPiPi PiPi PiPi PiPiPiPi!


One. production use. This production can enactment noon break time. study time. hair dressing time. stew wime. sun edition time******and so on.

Two. production function
This production is be read disply maximum countdown capacity of 99 minutes 59 seconds.

Three. use means
1. Press M button to set desired minutes.
2. Press S button to set desired seconds.
3. Press START/STOP button once to start timer.
4. Press M to show with S key to return the zero to reset at the same time.
5. Beenactment time to countdown is "ZERO" second hour occurrence alert.
6. Press "RESET" button to stop alarm.

Four. batteries usr and barter
1. Replace battery whenever reading becomes dim&difficult to read.
2. Usage button G13 type battery.
3. Open the battery door, and take out the old battery, and peg out the new battery plus or minus very put into, and press back the, nome position the battery door.

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