Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Links and Things - Bicycling, Netflix, Christine O'Donnell

I hadn't noticed, but John pointed out that you no longer need the disk for Netflix!

Secrets of the City/MNSpeak links to the Minnesota Daily article about Minnesota bike laws. I didn't know about the lights law. I thought as long as you had a reflector on back and a light on the front you were fine. And the news about Phyllis Kahn pushing for yield rules with stop signs for bicyclists was news to me.

And Christine O'Donnell's ignorance of the first amendment (among others), despite being a candidate for a party that claims to be more in touch with the Constitution, while probably overplayed, is still worth repeating. She should have an iPhone or an Android (developed by the mother of one of Eryn's classmates) so she could grab a Constitution application to read between questions. Or is that not allowed?


Larry Rubinow said...

Thanks for the Netflix tip; couldn't ever understand why they didn't make it downloadable in the first place.

PrincessMax said...

I think what's most disturbing is that after she asks where the constitution declares a separation of church and state, she thinks the laughter is the result of her witty joke and not a response to her ignorance.