Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This morning, I was crossing from the far lot to the near lot at work. I slowed my pace so a few cars could get by, then paused, and stepped into the crosswalk. I took a few steps and the red car that had been behind those that had paused revved it's motor and drove through, despite me being in the crosswalk. I recognized the driver as a VP I'm familiar with.

Cut to six hours later, and I'm meeting my new group. His wife is now a report. That's the whole reason for the golden rule. Treat the world like you want it to treat you.

If he had just hit me, I guess I could have cut the whole management thing short anyway. I realized today that I'm sad whenever I switch groups. I'm disappointed to lose the leads and the team that I've had a relationship with for the last six to twenty-four months (depends on who you are), even though it's exciting to have a new team. I'm going to miss Jeanne and Jon and Soon and everyone that worked with us. In a company as big as ours, it's difficult to maintain a daily relationship if you're not in proximity. And Ming is leaving. Which sucks. I've had a lot of good friends at work, but if I had to be honest, I've had two best friends, and now they're both going to be working elsewhere. That makes the day-to-day much harder. If you don't have a best friend at work, it's not a place you tend to look forward to every morning. I'm going to have to start stalking.


Anonymous said...

It does suck Ming is leaving. It makes a big difference when one's friends leave the workplace. -PTW

CookieQueen said...

Where is Ming going?

Larry Rubinow said...

I'll be your new best work friend.

Anonymous said...

Just read the post. Now I am even more sad leaving TR.