Saturday, September 04, 2010


I got a visit on Friday from a coworker I don't see very often. He began (I paraphrase):

"You might not know me..."

Sure I do. We worked together on one of my projects. (wonder what this is about)

"I was browsing the web..."

(Hmm....I thought...could this be about my blog)

"And I found this blog. A Nod To Nothing. The owner is from Eagan."

(Ooop! I wonder if he's upset about a particular post. There are over 2225 posts out there. There's something to offend potentially everyone).

"And there was a particular post..."

(Crap. I wonder if it was the one with the nude librarian link or the one about the civil war enacted by scantily clothed women?) [Those are real, you can search for them].

"Do you really play war games like Advanced Squad Leader and would you like to play sometime?"

Yes! Yes I do! Way to make me nervous Troy. I've never seen you comment, but if you're lurking around my posts, welcome! And welcome to the Eurogame/Wargame invite list. I know the first game is on your anniversary, but hopefully we can play sometime soon. I started updating my boardgamegeek games list just so it's easier for locals to find me to engage in some gaming.


Deejayneko said...

Don't forget the monthly Board Game Marathon in Bloomington next weekend. $5 for two days of full frontal nerdity.

Scooter said...

I worry about you and Sarah getting all amorous with that much geekery around.