Monday, September 13, 2010

Lots of Things to Do!

It's shaping up to be a busy month. I'm pondering this as my itinerary:
  • It's already too late for Minneapolis Oktoberfest, Kielbasa fest, and the Granite City Oktoberfest. Next year!
  • Friday, September 17. Devil, by M. Night Shyamalan, just so I can ruin it for Ming by telling him the plot. I have part of the work day reserved to go. Anyone interested?
  • Saturday, September 18, breakfast at Junior's followed by board gaming at my house. Primarily Eurogaming as Troy won't be around. You're all invited. To both events. Gaming at 10:00 a.m. Breakfast is usually around 8:30.
  • Sunday, September 19, breakfast at the Capital View Cafe. I have $6 off. You're all invited. I'll spread the $6 amongst the guests. Probably as a tip.
  • Sunday, September 19 again - Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter Oktoberfest...Kyle? Is this kid friendly, do you suppose? Eryn would probably enjoy traveling to Wisconsin to an Oktoberfest. Wait...what sort of lame Oktoberfest is noon to 6 p.m.? An "all ages welcome" Oktoberfest. Woo hoo! I can take the family and drink. Twofer.
  • Friday, September 24 - the 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins at CTC.
  • Saturday, September 25 - Tater Tour, NHCC - you're all invited. I'm doing the 25 mile version
  • Saturday, September 25 - Decadent Weimar Republic Kabarett Night at the Black Forest with Le Cirque Rouge.
  • Sunday 26 - Mom's birthday, better send her a present
  • Tuesday 28 - Home Brew Night as part of the Oktoberfest at Black Forest.
  • Saturday, October 2 - Chilifest - you must be 6'2" or taller to attend. I will be attendings this rather than the Dallas, Wisconsin, Oktoberfest:
  • Sunday, October 3 - Drain the Keg night at the Black Forest.
  • October 8 or 9 - Twin Cities Oktoberfest at the State Fair grounds. The important part is the coupon for a free beer: And the beer server with the large chest and small outfit.
  • October 8 or 9 - Gasthoff Oktoberfest in north Minneapolis. This is an either/or with the Twin Cities Oktoberfest. Maybe. Could always do both in one night. That would be some serious Oktoberfest-ing.
  • October 22 - Soap Factory Haunted Basement. Ming's going too. CRAP! That's the same day as the CTC Robin Hood play. Grr...that's what I get for not sending myself all the dates ASAP. We'll have to move the play.
  • Saturday, October 30, Rosemount Halloween Haunted Trial as Eryn wants to go to something sort of spooky. We might visit Ming and his neighbor for a spooky garage as well.
  • Sunday, October 31 - Halloween! Someone might be going as Hermione Granger again this year.
  • Somewhere in that mix, I need to schedule a geocaching day with Kevin. Maybe a week day, as I have a lot of vacation left.


Anonymous said...

Your Mother will be in Northern Arizona at a Quilt show for her birthday!

Scooter said...

So I can't send her a present?

Cookiequeen said...

Way to pick something I don't want to do on my birthday.

I think Conner would love to do the Rosemount Haunted Trail with Eryn. And trick-or-treating from your house again?