Monday, September 13, 2010

LissyJo...Want to go with Us?

LissyJo and CookieQueen...Pooteewheet and I, and Ming and Julie, are going to a haunted basement at the Soap Factory. They require you to be 18 and sign a waiver to enter. Would you like to go with us? You need to hurry as ticket sales are limited. Let me know, I can send you the date/time we're going. It doesn't look very scary. Would you be scared if this sort of jumped out of the wall at you? Probably not. I know you two don't scare easily. After all, you went to Wicked.

If, on the off chance you don't want to go with us, would either of you consider watching Eryn for a few hours that evening?


Cookiequeen said...

No thanks - my poor heart couldn't take it. Allison will write me an official note. And if Allison goes, Eryn can hang with us.

Anonymous said...

Sure Allison is going to go!!!! Last time she went with Scott was many years ago and never again.