Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Does Anyone Need a Chair...or Four?

My friend Dan'l bought me this set of old chairs at an auction way back when we lived at the duplex. They moved with me and have been sitting in the rafters of the garage for the last 8 years. I took one down the other day to ponder whether it deserved a blessing with a sledge hammer and discovered it was in rather nicer shape than I remember. There are four of them, although one has duct tape around the leg, so I'm guessing it's trash. And I can't vouch for the condition of the other two until I take them down (I remember one having a ripped seat). But at the lowest denominator, there's one good chair. If you want it let me know and I'll make it happen (first come first serve).

And don't worry about the extension cord. I promise it doesn't come with a metal hat and wrist straps.

1 comment:

Mac Noland said...

I would take them but I moved out of my college dump 12 years ago.