Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bicycling - MS60, jne.

I did the MS60 last Saturday. It was damn cold. We started out the day at about 36 degrees, and it warmed up, but not by much. Throughout the day it was cold enough to see your breath, and when I got home I sat in a hot bathtub because I couldn't warm up. Top it off with a strong headwind, 60 miles of riding, and a pile of hills, and I was worried I'd bonk the last 5 miles. One of the toughest rides I've done in quite a while.

Practice ride the Wednesday before the MS60 with Mike. Truly a practice ride as it was cold and miserable, just like the MS60. We made it as far as Richfield before hoofing it back to Eagan. This is Mike, pedaling.

Moh at the halfway point on the MS60. He didn't quite make it to the end. About mile 45 he was down to 6 or 7 mph going downhill. Not a big deal on the MS60 as there are SAG vehicles, so I chased one down for him. Definitely the right decision.

Me at the halfway mark. I didn't take the SAG. It just made for a fun picture.

Ali blew a tire not too far after the Gateway trail. It took three people to pump it up, including a discussion about whether to pump it up to 200 PSI.

Pumping up the flat tire, the view from the other side. I hope it's mesmerizing.

My road bike! Not the bike I took on the MS60, but it was waiting at Erik's when I got home. I had new, wider rims put on it so that I can ride it more often (I'd put a few thousand miles on it many years ago, and the rims got soft and required spoke adjustment after every ride). I took it out for a short ride with Eryn on Sunday. I'm not used to the shoes and clipless pedals after all this time, but it's a much smoother ride, and I'm down below some of the wind. I'm looking forward to getting out on it this week after the rain and the cold weather are finally over.

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