Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Palpable Divide

I put in a new mailbox and boards for us the other day. Our old one was getting old, covered in flakes of paint and rust. It took two tries to put one in, because the first one pinched in the back where I put in the screw and popped its seam. I thought about just smearing it with sealant, then decided if I was that lazy, I could have just left the rusty one in place and not bothered with the whole effort.

While finishing up, I noticed this strange fact. It may be difficult to see it unless you click through to the large photo, but the mailboxes for my immediate neighbors and my neighbors to the north. Black.

All my neighbors to the south. White. North likes black. South likes white. I can't help but feel we didn't learn anything at all from history.

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