Monday, April 19, 2010


On Saturday, I went with Ming and half a dozen other folks from work to partake of my first paintball experience. Ming's invited me in the past, but it's always been on Eryn's birthday. It was still during her birthday party this year, but I knew I'd be home for the later part, so it was workable. We went to Splat Tag in Wisconsin. They have something like 12-14 different fields. Some are just wooded areas. Some have forts. Some have towers. Some are full of structures and cars. And one has a turreted fort and landing craft so you can reenact D-Day (without the death).

I just didn't get the hang of it right away. I was taking just a few shots. Conserving my bullets and looking for a shot I knew would hit. But your gun just isn't that accurate, so you're better off firing 20-30 shots in quick succession so that at least one hits. By the fourth game I was faring a bit better and managed to tag three players while defending a fort, including shooting Alan in the top of the head, and forcing Ming to surrender when he ran out of paintballs. I owed him for shooting me in the thigh in the second game, which is the only sizeable bruise I received all day. It's a bit bigger than a golf ball, and coupled with banging my knee on a wall yesterday, my whole left leg is a bit sore. I shot him in the hand latter and drew blood, so perhaps I engaged in a bit of overkill.
Alan, prepping for our first fight.

Kam. He had my favorite stance. When he was ready to shoot someone he'd jump out from behind a sheltered area and stand with his legs about shoulder width apart, bend his knees, and hold the gun directly in front of him. It reminded me very much of Scarface. He took a paintball to his middle finger that drew blood in a one inch diameter circle.

Alan's brother, Keith. The Baywest guys who work with Ming's wife. Jonathan and Ryan.

Ryan and Alan topping off their guns.

Brady and Ming preparing. Brady came charging around a wall in the "urban" area, and I opened up on him. He later knocked on his nut cup, near the yellow paint smear, and noted how pleased he was he'd worn it. He also brought along several bananas to share earlier in the day and set them down on the nutcup. After that, none of us were willing to share.

One of the towers they use in the bigger games, that supposedly have upwards of 800+ people and even tanks.

Preparation. The masks are a must. They cover your ears and face. I didn't get hit in the face, so I didn't get a mouthful of paint, which seems to be a common occurrence.

Brady. A good soldier doesn't get shot in the back!


Mac Noland said...

You guys look Tough. Tough as cheer leaders.

Anonymous said...

You wrote "folks," but my mind read "fools." -PTW