Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birthday! 7!

Eryn had her seventh birthday this weekend. For all of you that knew her when she was a glimmer in my eye and a bump in Pooteewheet's belly, yes, you're that f-ing old.

This was a better year than the previous years because Eryn decided she'd rather have a slumber party than a mass-effect, 20+ kids, in our house, birthday party. So the sum total of children in our house was three. Her best friend from Tesseract (bankrupt last week), and her best friend from Glacier Hills. They spent the evening helping to make ice cream at Ring Mountain, eating popcorn, and watching Igor.

And climbing the plastic house. Squirreliness was the rule of the evening.

Ming and Logan (and Julie), may their spiritual being of choice have mercy on their souls, got Eryn a Harry Potter Wii game for her birthday. It's definitely interfering with bicycling. The girl is a bit obsessed. I watched the whole potion-making portion. That's a game for obsessive compulsives.

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