Monday, April 19, 2010

Foodshelf, the Pictorial

I mentioned that Eryn and I had visited the foodshelf to drop off food, pullups, and formula (and a check based on the amount of change we had dumped into the change jar on the bookshelf where we dump charitable donations). Here are a few pictures of our ride. Eryn really wants to bike home from school now. I picked her up on the tagalong today and told her that we'll practice biking TO school during off hours, and if we can get there, then I'm willing to have Pooteewheet drop off her bike so we can bike home. She's excited, so I imagine we'll be practicing the rest of the week.

Eryn next to the packages.

Eryn and I, courtesy of the nice young woman at the foodshelf. For Grandma and Grandpa's information, she really wanted to pose with her bicycle so you know how much she loves it.

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Anonymous said...

Good for Eryn, I am glad she likes riding her bike! Looking Good. Grandpa John