Saturday, February 27, 2010

Poker Advice for Kyle's Dad

Kyle...did you know that according to St. Paul city law it's illegal to sell, barter, or give away baby chicks unless you're dealing in lots of 12? This would really screw up your Dad's baby chicks and brandy poker game unless the minimum bid was 12 chicks. We should keep that in mind in case we're playing poker at Dan'l's house again sometime soon.

And my sister should take note. I assume there are equivalent laws across the river in Minneapolis, and if she's intent on raising Urban Chickens, she better buy them in batches of 12. And once again, I include a law pertaining to the trapping of any animals, including squirrels. Just in case she's still up to her squirrel-related shenanigans.
Chapter 197. Sale of Baby Chicks
Sec. 197.01. Prohibition.
No person, firm or corporation in the City of Saint Paul shall sell or offer for sale, barter or give away baby chicks, less than one (1) month in age, in lots of less than twelve (12) in number.
(Code 1956, § 330.01)

Sec. 196.01. Trapping prohibited.
Except as may be otherwise provided in this chapter, it shall be unlawful to set traps or engage in trapping in the City of Saint Paul.
(Code 1956, § 323A.01)


Kyle said...

Sounds like your sister will need to go outside of St. Paul if she hopes to obtain less than a dozen chickens. I wonder what the penalty would be if you were caught trapping and selling small numbers of feral chicks within St. Paul city limits?

Cookiequeen said...

Do you remember that your sister doesn't LIVE in St. Paul? So she can probably trap squirrels to her hearts content...

Scooter said... says right in the post " I assume there are equivalent laws across the river in Minneapolis" - because I know there are as far as trapping goes.

LissyJo said...

Ceri is standing firm on the ultimatum: Patches the cat OR chickens....I'm still considering this.

It's not even squirrel-trapping season. I'm just sayin..