Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random Pictures of Eryn

For the folks and in-laws...

Eryn at the Valentine's Day (actually, the day before) Daddy/Daughter Dance. She LOVED the fairy wings and wore them later during the week. She HATED the random name-selection event at the beginning where you drew a heart out of a box and it had a fairy name on it. Her name was "Fairy Sweet Autumn Breeze" in case you ever really want to annoy her. We had fun - decorated cookies, decorated hearts, decorated the flower she got. She was excited about getting a blue flower, until someone else walked off with it, so this is the replacement in the picture. She won another later, so she walked away with two which made her happy. We also danced...a lot. I liked everyone singing along to Ring of Fire. I wasn't so impressed with the Grease medley.

Ring Mountain. Being silly with a glass of water.

Happy ice cream grin.

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Anonymous said...

So does that mean I have to quit calling her granddaughter Eryn and call her "Fairy Sweet Fair Autumn Breeze"
Grandpa John