Thursday, February 04, 2010

Peeing on the Waterfall

One of the developers at work, on my recommendation, wrote an article for my work blog called, "Peeing on the Waterfall" about how Waterfall is a misinterpretation of something that was originally intended to be more iterative. It's surprising how much concern you have to put into a title like that, thinking about whether it matters for job longevity.

I might have said "no" if I had dropped that search into Google before approving the title, as the primary hits were:
While a woman is peeing in the toilet you attempt to pee through her legs into the toilet. Of course this is nearly impossible thus you end up peeing on her urinating vagina thus causing a waterfall. Not typically done for wierd sexual pleasure. Only in the case that you both have to go and the house only has one head.

Oh shit there's only one bathroom at this fucking party !!! I guess we'll just have to Yiddish waterfall babe.
Really? This is something that needs a title/description? Just to be entirely above board, I once peed in the same porta-potty as a woman at a George Thorogood concert, but no Yiddish Waterfalls were involved, just a pleasant discussion about the concert, what we'd each been drinking, and pleasant introductions.

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