Monday, February 08, 2010


Friday night I went to Minnedemo with Erik. I've been a couple of times and space is always tight. This time it looked like there might be fewer people in the Intermedia Arts building. However, we straggled a bit getting a last beer, and the next thing we know, the place is full back to the edges of the bleachers in the standing room only area. Looking back over our shoulders at empty space, we wandered back into the entry way where there was a wall projection, assuming Minnedemo would display there. After ten minutes, we realized it just wasn't going to happen.

This was the first time Minndemo had an annex, so we bailed, figuring paying for a few beers was a small price for watching on a screen that was actually displaying something. When we got to the bar, there were about eight to ten other people (more much later)...and an open bar. Comfortable chairs. A sofa if you wanted it. Appetizers. Sake nuts (Developer: "Are they called sake nuts because they're dipped in sake?" Waitress: " They just go well with sake."). (Free) Surly Furious and an offer for a sake martini we passed on because of the volume of Surly Furious. And a large screen playing the event that was easy to hear and that you could talk to the developer next to you over without being rude. Best Minnedemo ever.

Here's the whole event, courtesy of Tech.MN, although you have to pay for your own Surly. I thought PedalBrain and MinuteBids were both intriguing.

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