Monday, January 11, 2010


I went up Kyle's way yesterday to have breakfast with him at Lynde's in Osseo. It used to be sort of a run down looking house, but last summer they fixed it up and made it larger and more modern. We invited Ming as well, but he was at a Boy Scout event all day and couldn't go, so Kyle had a pancake for him.

That is one big pancake to layer on top of a three egg omelet full of hashbrowns. Truth be told, he ate more of half a pancake for Ming. I had the meatsa omelet and made the mistake of putting salt on it before I took a bite. I should have known an omelet full of bacon, ham, and other assorted meats wouldn't need any additional salt.

When they upgraded the building, one of the things they didn't get rid of was their old beer can collection. This one, Milwaukee Phartz, is my favorite.

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