Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Code Freeze and Cross Posting

I once had a director who gave me this advice, "Stay away from low-visibility, long-term chores." Fairly succinct and useful advice. But what do you do when the low-visibility, long-term chore finds you and you can't avoid it? You can delegate, which seems rude unless what's low-visibility for you is high-visibility for someone else. Or, you can try to expand the visibility.

I bring it up, because I do writing for other blogs and communication tools, some of which are at work where the audience is limited by the scope of who's interested within a much smaller community behind the firewall. I hate leaving what I write behind the firewall. I want to hear comments from people who aren't at my company so I can correlate them to what I see internally. It doesn't help that I'm generally writing content on my own time and then dropping it there where fewer people see it. So I'm going to do a bit of cross-pollinating. Some posts that I could put in both places, I just will, after I've stripped out anything blatantly work-specific, like names, departments, and organizational details.

But I suspect some of you won't find my extended posting on Agile and Code Freeze and coding to be that interesting. So I'm giving you an out. If you see a label/tag that says xb, that means "potentially cross blog" (I don't guarantee I posted it elsewhere. I just thought about it.), and you can safely avoid that content. Unless you're interested, then by all means, please comment.

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Bill Roehl said...

Common sense for sure but something I hadn't thought of. Thanks Scooter. Now to find ways to fix my current plight.