Monday, January 25, 2010

Luna Hates Klund

I saw rocks in the poodles' bowls at Klund's house when we were down there and he mentioned they were for keeping the dogs from wolfing down their food in moments. Luna inhales her food. If I were to time it, she might actually be coming in at under sixty seconds in many instances. It might not be dangerous. My knowledge of dog esophagus capacity is limited. But it looks dangerous. And I need a few moments to myself, and when the dog is eating should be one of them, because ten seconds after she's done it's time for her potty break.

So, Pooteewheet brought in the rock Eryn knew was buried under the snow on the deck, and put it Luna's food bowl. Luna immediately popped it out. So when I fed her dinner, I switched her water and food bowls and put the rock in the bigger metal bowl so it was harder to dislodge. Not only did she eat for over five minutes while she pushed the rock off the food, but she added another five minutes on top of that coming back over and over to look for food under the rock, and another five minutes on top of that making return trips to lick the rock on the off chance it might actually BE food. Each time she failed to find food under the rock, or licked (or bit) the rock and found it to be lacking, she gave it and the dish a disgusted swat with her paw before padding away.

I'm sure she'll figure out a way to foil this cunning plan in the long run, just like how she figured out to push her bed out of the way and pee under it so I still have to clean pee every morning until we find a smaller replacement cage, but for now it seems to be working.

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Anonymous said...

This post and the klund-related tag made me laugh out loud in public. -PTW