Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dog Injury

Not an injury to the dog, but an injury caused by the dog. I think Luna really messed up, because I suspect Eryn isn't going to trust her for a very long time. Eryn got down on the floor to play with her and, despite frequent imperatives to the Luna over the last several weeks to stay away from Eryn's hair and stop trying to bite it, she grabbed hold of one of the two new decorative beaded braids Eryn is so proud of and hoping to show off at school and Monday and ripped it off her head by the roots.

It wasn't as bad as it could have been. No bleeding. But you could definitely feel the roots at the end of the disconnected braid. Here you can see her new bald spot, front right on her natural hairline if you're facing the same direction as Eryn. We've assured her it will grow back. But she's very sad and the Boo Boo Pooh ice pack she's had since she was a baby made an appearance from the freezer.

The severed sports braid, indicating she likes soccer twice as much as basketball (so she told me - she's extremely happy about basketball because she made her first basket this week). I feel bad, because she knows I don't ever let dogs near my face. I just don't trust them. I suspect she'll now share my mini-phobia despite how many giggly, happy pictures we have of her frolicking with the dog on the ground and in the leaves and snow over the last two months.


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Sorry this happened. It is still a puppy! Will take a year for her to settle down. Sorry Grand daughter Eryn, Grandpa John