Saturday, January 02, 2010


Eryn got a few science-related items for Christmas. Not surprising, as that's what she had asked Santa for in her various letters and lap sittings. Microscope. Mythbusters science kit. National Geographic physics/biology/chemistry kit. We spent some time during her week off playing with the NatGeo kit. Eryn wanted to start with electricity, but we didn't have the required 4.5V batteries, so we started with water.

Our first experiments involved cohesion and surface tension. Here we are filling a cup above the lip. Later we floated a paper clip and a piece of yarn on the surface without them sinking, then poked them until they sank.

Then Eryn told me that she'd already done a similar experiment in kindergarden involving a penny and water. So we redid it using the pipette. Very cool. It didn't occur to me to ever try doing that. But now I feel bad because Eryn's going to a science and arts magnet school and she was learning more science in kindergarden at the private school. Damn it. Well, I guess that's why Santa bought her science stuff.

Here's a video of Eryn in her goggles playing the scientist.

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