Thursday, December 31, 2009


The night before last I had two dreams.

1.) Zombie apocalypse. In addition to zombies, there were strange oozing, cubes with pulsing runes on them here and there, and other more cthuluesque creatures. Seemed more like an opened-a-gateway-to-hell ala Mist (movie) or Doom (game) than just a zombie issue. But really vivid, lots of death, and a despair vibe.

2.) Little girl slips into the river and slides to the bottom (after being told to stay away from the slippery stone at the edge). The edges of the river were smooth stone, laid there like a canal of some sort, and the girl (whom I don't know) just ignored the advice of the adults nearby and slipped in, with barely a sound, and down the rocks at the bottom of the river toward the mud and immediately down river. I dove in to save her and, despite the crystal clarity of the water when looking in from above, it was disturbingly difficult to see once under the surface.

I'm not too concerned about the meaning of the dreams. I've had maze dreams (of which number 1 is an example) since I was about six. What I'm concerned about is that the soundtrack for both dreams was Dancin' from Xanadu. Although it certainly took the edge off the seriousness of both episodes. I think it speaks of a mental illness lurking in my pysche. Horrible, flesh-eating, apocalyptic end times - fine. Little girls drowning - fine. Dancin' while both of these things are underway - really not fine.

Here...maybe you can add it to your dream soundtrack tonight:

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Anonymous said...

Does this have anything to do with the movie I took you to when you were young?