Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tongue Thrust Graduation

Eryn officially graduated from tongue thrust class today. She's been attending to make sure her tongue stays in the right place so she's not worsening the gap between her two front teeth (it's probably inherited), and in the months since she's started the gap has significantly decreased. It's been incredibly difficult for her, because it involves watching her tongue placement and chewing during meals, holding little rubber bands in her mouth for up to an hour at a time (even during tubing), and all sorts of other exercises. Grandma Ellen can attest to how hard it is to stay on the schedule, as she and Eryn had a difficult time remembering during RAGBRAI. And big kudos to my wife who kept Eryn on target for so many months.

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She says said...

Yay! Congratulations all around!

And if this post were about anybody other than Eryn, I would have to make several jokes, but since it's Eryn, I'll just reiterate my congrats on a job well done.