Saturday, December 19, 2009


I've had this scarf since somewhere around 1984. I refuse to part with it, despite it looking like a scarf from the '80's, because it's just so damn warm compared to the new breed of thin scarves. So I was very surprised when I walked into soccer and saw a coworker who has a kid in Eryn's soccer class wearing the exact same scarf! My first suspicion was that he had pilfered mine from the corporate lost-and-found (although they don't ever have anything I've lost. they certainly don't have my ten-year old Caribou mug with the fingerprint in it because it was hand crafted), but having cleaned out the hat/scarf/mitten box only the day before, I knew with relative certainty (e.g. I knew it's absolute position, but it could have tricked me by having an unknown velocity) where the doppleganger I owned resided. I asked Jack about it and it was like watching me speak, "It's so old and I've had it so long, but it's so warm I refuse to get rid of it." If anyone ever asks me to part with my lovely snowflake monstrosity, I now have a story I can tell them until they roll their eyes and leave me and my scarf alone.

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