Friday, November 06, 2009

Sock Hop

Pooteewheet went to play poker tonight and Eryn and I went to the elementary sock hop. My wife was bemoaning the fact she was missing something so fun, but Eryn only wanted to stay for about 45 minutes and then she was all done. I don't think she related well to the children who were pretending to jam on the plastic guitars and saxaphones they bought, or the ones (e.g. almost every little girl there) who knew all the words to the Taylor Swift songs. Instead she wanted to get home and check out her new Mac Book Pro. Obviously we've brought her up wrong. I can only hope she grows up to be the big sister who shows, sister in tow, wearing white short shorts and enough makeup for half a dozen women.

But she did get excited about dressing up and wearing my wife's pearls. She's looking a little sleepy here before we even got started. As a point of interest, she did try to dance with a boy, but he kept running away and hiding.

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Anonymous said...

Which boy ran from my little girl?!