Friday, November 06, 2009

Arts and Crafts II

Today, after a short happy hour with the other managers that ended up in having most of a Stella Artois spilled on my shoes (not my own), I stopped by Michael's to find felt for my next art project with the elementary school kids. I have an idea about how to work with the Gauguin and one other Institute of Art item in order to discuss perspective and relief. While I was there I picked up glycerin soap and a tube of sharks so Eryn and I can have some fun making treasure soap for my nieces.

I thought it would be nice to post a picture or two of what we did for the rock gardens in a bowl that were meant to show a little bit about the T'ai-hu.

These are the bags full of rock garden materials. This was the light part. The 24 bowls with sand were the heavy lifting.

And this is a sample garden Eryn made. Her garden from class was much less busy. She took advantage of all the leftover materials I had at home. The school version was separated sticks that she and her partner claimed were for jumping from one to the next. Another pair of girls had a copse of trees. And a third set had a long rock in the middle that was a "log" to sit on. Eryn claims the real rocks in this one are a cave to sit in.

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