Friday, October 09, 2009

Hulu Is a Tool of Satan

I used to watch almost nothing on a regular basis. I had to wait for it to come out on DVD via Netflix, or catch it reruns, or just never, ever watch it. Hulu has created a problem. I can add a show, and it never goes away. If it's passable, I have it forever. Yes, I quite often ride my bicycle while watching hulu, but still...that's a lot of television. Add Miro in the mix, where I watch almost daily 10 minute episodes of Attack of the Show, and the new DVR, where I can watch The Soup and Man v. Food, and I start to get a backlog.

I submit, just the list from Hulu:
  • 30 Rock - enjoyable, fortunately they're 30 minutes long and not on as frequently as other shows.
  • Community - I like Joel from The Soup. I've been watching the Soup since... damn... perhaps since I lived at the U of MN? It's been a very long time. Greg K. is visibly older, I know that much. There are some moments of comic genius. And a lot of dubious moments. That's a good mix for a bicycling show. And it feels edgier than Modern Family.
  • Defying Gravity - scifi. You'll see a pattern in my television watching. Scifi or comedy. Love this show. Well acted and they try to inject some humanity into a scifi premise. The show isn't moving very fast, but the actors really make it enjoyable.
  • Dollhouse - hit or miss. When Whedon is on, it's great. When I have to watch s*it about backup singers and lactating mothers, I question my commitment.
  • Eureka - I don't watch this on Hulu, although it's queued up. I keep it as a bookmark so I remember to watch it on Netflix with my wife (who loves it).
  • Family Guy - funny.
  • Flash Forward - new, and I like it. X-files-ish. There are some serious holes. The world should be a bit more organized after so many planes crash/etc. But willing suspension of disbelief, and it's enjoyable.
  • Fringe - X-Files. They even make X-files jokes if you watch for them. One of my favorite scifi shows because of the actors.
  • Heroes - not always good. I enjoy the arc, but sometimes they seem a little loose, slow and not up to the level of other shows.
  • Modern Family - new and I'm enjoying it, although it's sort of humor aimed at white, 40 year olds, which isn't exactly my sweet spot.
  • Sanctuary - not very good acting, but the fact that it never goes away on Hulu and is scifi makes it the backup if I get through my bicycling backlog.
  • The Simpsons - the show I'm most likely to drop, except Eryn likes it, so sometime we watch it together before school/work when Pooteewheet isn't yet up (I get Eryn up at 7:00 a.m. because she's much more cheerful with a consistent awake time).
  • Stargate Universe - first episode was sort of boring. We'll have to see. I'm primarily watching it because I watch all of SG-1 and a lot of Stargate Atlantis.
  • Warehouse 13 - see Sanctuary. However, if you watch carefully, there are some excellent moments of writing in Warehouse 13, despite it being a show reminiscent of Friday the 13th (the series). Seriously, just every episode or two, a couple of lines that make you realize someone with creative talent managed to make their presence known.
  • Spaced - old show from the Beeb. I keep it in the backlog in case I chew through other content while bicycling.
And...via Netflix, Weeds and Dexter. I am a cultural whore.

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