Monday, July 06, 2009

Watermelon Ride

On the 4th, Eryn and I once again rode the Watermelon Ride. She's been doing it pretty much as long as she could first get strapped into a Burley, although the last two years she's been riding the tagalong. We did the 15 miler. I know my mother in law said they were thinking of doing the 25 this year, but she claims I'm making it up. I'll have to get in writing for next year.

My father in law posted a cute compare of Eryn last year and this year with the same tree at the Watermelon Ride rest stop on Facebook. I'm posting this picture because we had an added rider, Fable the Unicorn. Fable was quiet most of the time, but I suspect that horn caused our flat at the rest area.

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