Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Eryn and I spent yesterday after work moving dirt at the duplex. Ah...it seems like only yesterday that I was moving the leftover clay from the front yard to the weeded area in the dog pen to cover up the waist high weeds. And now I'm moving it from the area that won't even grow a weed to the open-sided shed in the back so that I can plant grass for the new tenants. I wonder when I'll have to move it from the open-sided shed to somewhere else?

Actually, in this picture you can see a weed or two, but they weren't faring well. The roots from all those trees, on the other hand, were doing fabulous! Every shovelful was an exercise in wood cutting.

I tried to get Eryn to measure her scoops and beat herself with each wheelbarrow, and then explained that was part of managing people. Then I challenged her to a most scoops contest and explained that I was able to claim 10-20% of each of her scoops as it was my project. I'm hoping this convinces her to be her own boss when she's older.

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Anonymous said...

How come you get gloves and Eryn does not? She should get a handycap for that, which wipes out your percentage.
Dad, Grandpa John