Sunday, June 21, 2009

Duck Slide

Dan'l and Cookie Queen canceled their backyard water park today, so we set up the slip and slide in the back yard for the second day in a row while I mowed. I was in a good mood. The girls made me pancakes for breakfast, including a unicorn pancake. After Kyle referencing Legend yesterday, I got to feel like an evil overlord demon while pouring on my syrup and devouring the unicorn's head. Which reminds me, Eryn got a unicorn from build a bear she really likes, and I told her about how unicorns are actually somewhat mean and use their horns to poke little girls just so they can drink their tears. She wasn't amused until a day last week when it was raining and I pointed out that the unicorns must be poking the angels. Other people getting poked, that's funny.

Slip and slide preparation. Papi and Diego will soon need rescuing from the lake at the bottom.

Here comes the lifeguard. If you squint, you can see the figures from Dora drowning in the pool, in need of rescue. Poor Diego should have sent out a message to his dolphin friends.

For Ellen. The ducks are unperturbed by the whole mess of nonsense.

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LissyJo said...

Hey! We got her that!! I'm glad to see she's enjoying it. I would like to come over to try it out.