Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to Brewing

Last weekend, when I felt it was far enough past the software release that I could travel outside Eagan city limits, the family and I met Kyle for breakfast at the Uptown Diner (four egg greek omelets are two damn big, and I use the word two purposefully in reference to the eggs) and then went over to the brewery store to ponder a homebrew kit to make for the first time in many years.

This week, Kyle came over and I broke out my Father's Day present from 3+ years ago - a deep frying kit - to cook up the Cream Stout kit I purchased last weekend. It's happily burbling away behind me as I type. It's a very healthy noise for a carboy full of proto-beer.

Here's Kyle. He was in charge of the gas flow. The outdoor cooker is excellent for fine tuning the heat. On the flat top stove in the kitchen I can barely get a boil. It was one of the reasons I quit brewing, because nothing would cook right.

Here it is, boiling energetically. When I state I couldn't get a good boil on the flat top stove, I mean I couldn't get a good boil with half this much liquid. Being able to boil up several gallons makes for a better tasting beer because you don't have to add (much) water on top of the mixture, it all gets cooked up together.

And this was my makeshift cooler. I have a copper cooling coil, but dropping it in the pot makes a huge mess. This seemed like a great way to cool it down and water the yard at the same time. I know - there's some dirt, but it never came near the pot. It's the fastest I've ever cooled a pot, and it was twice the usual liquid.

So in two weeks I should have something I can bottle or keg. I'm looking forward to my first drinkable production in many years.


Anonymous said...

Your Mother will be their in time to taste the results.

Mac Noland said...

I sit on the 3rd floor now. Feel free to drop a taster for me. I'd love to give feedback.

She says said...

Let us know when it's ready so we can come out to taste it!