Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beach Observations

Eryn and I went to Schultz Beach yesterday for a few hours because she'd missed a big chunk of water day at school (and just because the beach is nice). I offer some observations:

  1. If you have a fleur de lis tattoo where it's not normally visible except when you're in your bikini, it doesn't look like your French, or royalty. It simply makes it look like you've been nailed by a Boy Scout.
  2. Immigrants who bring their children to the beach and all the boys go in the water and the women have to sit on shore in their full length outfits...that's just strange. I haven't quite figured out how you rationalize to your daughters all the other girls swimming with their brothers, or to the boys all the girls who get to swim while their sisters do not. I expect it's just "that's the way it is" because of religion or culture, but damn if that doesn't seem like it's going to bite you by the time they're teenagers.
  3. Board shorts for girls. As the father of a daughter who's rapidly getting older do I ever approve. When the grab-assing starts, it seems a bit more constrained. And it looks just fine with a bikini top.
  4. Young lady on the beach closest to my chair. That was less of a lotioning and more of a one-woman show, what with the arching of the back and the hands in all sorts of risque' places, although perhaps you're just really unself-conscious and extremely thorough. I'm happy for you that your nipples won't burn through the fabric.


Mac Noland said...

Do you wear sun glasses for blocking the sun or extracurricular viewing? Your sun lotion observation leads me to believe it's the latter. Which would parallel me.

Scooter said...

For sun purposes. But they do end up protecting me when I'm considering bloggable material.

Anonymous said...

Hey, with your funky new Oakley lenses, you can watch the extracurriculars even more surruptitiously! -PTW