Monday, May 25, 2009


At Bunker Hills Park in Coon Rapids:
Eryn, as I'm pushing her on the swing: "Please stop."
Me: "Why?"
Eryn: "It's making me scared."
Me: "It's making you scared? Why?"
Eryn: "I think its the place where grandpa pushed me and I broke my arm."

During the Land of the Lost marathon on comedy central before we went bicycling this morning, Eryn on Chaka, who's trying to explain that someone was taken by a Sleestak: "I think he might speak a little bit of Spanish."


She says said...

OMG! John and I totally wasted a coupla hours watching the LOTL marathon too!!!

Aren't those special effects just groovy?

cookiequeen said...

I can't believe you didn't call Dan to tell him was a marathon! This is the only movie he has actually WANTED to see in years. He loved that show - it's a bit scary really....

Scooter said...

Dan can just watch our DVDs, CQ. I think we caught almost all of them on three six hour disks.

She Says - I had never realized that different writers were involved in almost every show. I saw Larry Niven in the credits on one. I'm guessing (?) it's Larry Niven the SF writer. I also didn't know until I was looking up actors during the show that Will cocreated Dragon Tales. He was a busy guy (compared to Dad and Holly).

I loved that show as a kid. Eryn took some time to explain it wasn't as cool looking as the new Will Farrell movie and it looked like there were murals and costumes. Sigh...