Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Postpourri - tires, breasts, blackberrys, Facebook quizzes

Why does Tires Plus offer the fourth tire for free? I went to Discount Tires, and paid for all four, and based on the online price, it was cheaper than three at Tires Plus. Does anyone ever buy three at Tires Plus and say, "Eh...I don't need the fourth one. No thanks." Or, "Yeah, I'll take it, but I can't use it. I'll give it to a friend." Of course I had to buy Kumho tires, which make Ming laugh, but it was still a better deal. That's right, cheap Kumhos are a good deal. A shout out to Amy at Outback Steakhouse (I apologize for the textual positioning) where I ate while I was waiting for the tires to be installed. She was a great server and, while I realize some people might not have appreciated their waitress sitting down opposite them at the table to chat, for a guy who was obviously on his own for dinner, it was the right move for a better tip.

I saw a woman talking to her Blackberry today at work. That's not so unusual. If you're using the phone.

I was behind a woman on the corporate skyway today. Didn't know her. Couldn't see her face. But no less than five guys walked past going the other way and in every single case their eyes immediately dropped and lingered. I didn't get a chance to see what was drawing so much attention. Maybe it was Christy.

Finally, I have a new hobby on Facebook. I make up my own answers to quizzes. I consider this to be somewhat on the level with Klund's Mix and Match popular Yahoo story to popular Yahoo photo activity. Most of the quiz answers on Facebook are mundane and predictable. I like to mix it up a bit:

For a fairy tale quiz: "Scott just took the "which fairytale do you belong in?" quiz and the result is Godfather Death. If you met a man with thirteen children, you know the best gift you could give him is the location to magical cannibis in the woods and a trick candle."

For which Godfather character are you: "Scott just took the "Which Godfather character are you?" quiz and the result is Khartoum. You're a $600,000 stud. No doubt about it. But you know the wrong people and you date the wrong women. Get your life in order before a friend finds your severed head in their bed."

For If You Ruled the World: "Scott just took the "If you ruled the world, what would it look like?" quiz and the result is Dystopia. You believe that everyone should be under the thumb of a dispassionate, inescapable, unknowable, government, and because of this, Earth would be a consistent and productive world in the hands of someone like you, albeit a world where people imagine someone is stamping a boot in their face--forever."

For Which X-Men Character are you: "Scott just took the "Which x men character are you?" quiz and the result is Amanda Sefton. Flight attendant. Nightcrawler's girlfriend. Her name is the anglicized version of Jimaine."

And for What's Your Patronus: "Scott just took the What is Your Patronus quiz and the result is Your Patronus is a budgie."

I think I'm getting much better...

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TallBrad said...

Ming can laugh at me as well. I went to discount tires and bought Kumho tires also.